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Lanyards have become a constant to every school and work attire, for the purpose of carrying every student and employee’s ID. Moreover, now that lanyards are customizable, they not only serve as carriers, but also as ID themselves. With this, what better way to organize a company or institution than to equip each member with an ID lanyard for an easy and convenient staff distinction.Adding a bit of color and zest to the usual bland uniforms with quality designed lanyards improves both fashion and organization statements, as imprinted on these lanyards are the institution logo and name. In addition, it is most ideal to implement the inclusion of uniform lanyards for office employees as individuality is seldom evident in corporate attires. And for all your lanyard needs, is here to cater.

What sets us apart from your usual go-to lanyard shop is our regard for innovation and customization. We do not settle for mediocrity, even in the littlest details. From the lanyard material and print design to hook attachments and badge holders, we delimit your options and provide varieties for you to choose from. To top things off, this interactive customization is just within your reach. Because values its clients’ choices to the dot, it allows its clients to create their custom lanyards online, through the lanyard builder tab. With just three easy steps and several customization options, whatever it is our customers prefer, we always make sure to deliver.

Lanyard Type:

There are several lanyard types available in the market. Depending on what material is preferred, lanyards come in polyester, nylon, woven, dye sublimated, tubular, and cord. The most popular type would be the polyester, due to its light weight and soft texture. Perfect for fitting all day around your neck. Other types also have their own distinct features—the nylon gives off a shiny gloss, while the dye sublimate allows full color and/or photo coverage on the lanyard. All these are available for size and length customization, and imprinting at From font type, size, and color to logos and images clients wish to include, these can be requested through the builder feature.

Lanyard Attachments:

wholesalelanyardLanyards are used not solely for IDs, but also for keys and other small items necessary to keep around. Thus, the variety in hooks, loops, and clips for lanyard attachment are available. At, the swivel j hook, key ring, and bulldog clip types come with the lanyards free of charge. However, there are other attachment types available within the $0.15 to $0.18 price range, such as the cellphone loop, carabineer hook, oval hook, thumb hook, no swivel hook, and plastic j hook. These types extend usability and allow easier placement and removal of items. The popular choices would be the cellphone loop and no swivel hook, as most employees are issued with standard work phones and for the latter, the unnecessary turning of IDs can be a bit of a nuisance to some.

Safety breakaway, which comes free of charge, buckle release, and adjustment beads for your lanyards are also available for easy detachment and length adjustment. And for your ID protection, quality plastic badge holders are sold. These serve as sleeves to keep your IDs clean and try. Badge holders come in vertical and horizontal designs.

The immersive customization we provide allows our clients to access full control with regards to the product turnout, which ultimately is our main objective. From slick and stylish lanyards to uniquely eye-popping ones, you name them and we’ll make them. At a minimum quantity of 100 units, we are your one-stop lanyard shop for uniform ID lanyards to custom lanyard giveaways. Have your logo imprinted on hundreds of lanyards for everyone to see. While it serves the purpose of carrying IDs, it is also a practical and effective marketing strategy.

We at know the importance of branding and name, thus, we make sure to provide what you deserve. From one esteemed company to another, we have catered to the following with great feedbacks: The Home Depot, Red Bull, and NASA, et cetera. Looking forward to be of service to you next!

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The Funeral and Other Significant Steps in the Cremation Process

One of the most common misconceptions about cremation is that it doesn’t involve a funeral. This is also the reason why many people believe that cremation is an impersonal method of grieving for a loved one. They think that cremation forgoes the important aspects of honoring a deceased such as the wake, memorial service, and final disposition. This is not true and in fact, cremation can include everything that happens in a traditional funeral except for the tedious step of burying the body underground.

The Cremation Process

1. Why choose cremation?

funeralThe first step in cremation is deciding why you want to do it. There are many practical, philosophical, and religious reasons why people choose cremation. The most common is the low cost. A cremation can cut costs in half. It eliminates the need for embalming chemicals – which by the way are harmful to the environment, expensive metal caskets, and cemetery costs. More and more people nowadays choose cremation because they believe it is a simpler yet more significant way to lay their bodies to rest.

2. Making arrangements with the crematory services provider

A lot of funeral homes accept pre-arrangements. If you’ve already decided that you want your body to be cremated, the staff at the crematory will go over everything you need to know with you. In the event of your death, you will pass on in peace knowing that your wishes will be carried out. The same goes if a family is the one who decides to cremate the remains of their loved one. The understanding staff at Gentry Griffey will do their best in relieving you of your pain and making the cremation arrangements for you.

3. Deciding on a funeral service

People who choose cremation for their loved one can choose how they want to honor his/her memory. They can have a traditional service which involves a wake where friends and family can reflect in a room with the deceased’s remains. It is important to decide whether you want the remains to be cremated at this point or whether you want to temporarily put the body in a less expensive casket made of lighter materials.

It is up to you whether you want people to grieve over a casket or an urn containing the ashes. After the wake, you can also hold a memorial service where everybody can share stories and commemorate the deceased. Again, it is up to you whether you want the body, ashes, or simply a picture present.

4. The cremation

Once you give the go signal for the body to be cremated, it will be brought to a crematory. To give you an idea of the cremation process, the body will be placed inside a temporary combustible container. This will be then be placed inside a chamber and incinerated at temperatures between 1600-1800 degrees Fahrenheit from one to three hours depending on the height and weight of the individual.

After incineration, what will be left are small fragmented bones. A magnet is passed through the remains to remove any metals such as screws from the casket, jewelry, tooth fillings, metal plates, etc. The fragmented bones are crushed into sand-like particles that are greyish white in color. The ashes are placed in a temporary container or an urn if the family has already chosen one. The urn or container is handed to a designated family member.

5. After cremation process

Once the family is in possession of the urn, there are many ways they can go about the final disposition. Some choose to simply place the urn in a mantelpiece in their living room. The most popular practice is to scatter the ashes in a location that is significant or memorable to the deceased or the family.

Some people choose to bury the urn alongside other deceased family members so they can be together in one grave. Nowadays, you can even have the ashes planted into a tree or buried in a memorial reef deep beneath the ocean. You might have to check with your local authorities is these are allowed in your locality. Some places and religions might have restrictions on what to do with the cremated remains. Whatever you choose to do with the ashes of your departed loved ones, it make sure that it is something that will be meaningful. Visit this site for brief detail about cremation process.

Guidelines In Making A Printed Circuit Board

Creating a printed circuit board could be costly if you don’t know how to really do it. The designer needs to know how to go about making PCBs from reading the guidelines to quality control, and then testing the printed circuit boards which is the final step. Click here Pcbnet for more idea about PCBs. If you follow these basic guidelines we’ve listed below, you would be able to reduce the cost of your PCB and be able to reduce or minimize errors.

Here Are The Guidelines:

1. A printed circuit board is usually rectangular in shape, but you can also create printed circuit boards with different shapes like polygons. When creating a board, start with a .05” grid. The lower left corner should start with 0,0.

2. Stick parts on a .05” grid. Follow this rule all the time.

3. If you’re using LED, always label it. Example things to be labeled: status, power, lock, D4, etc.)

4. It’s important to group essential components together.

5. 7mil is the minimum annual ring size, while 15 mil is the minimum drill size. 8 mil is still acceptable though.

6. Power lines should have thicker traces to make it easier to locate.

7. Always go with the 45 degree corners. As much as possible, avoid 90 degree corners.

8. If you know how to really work your way on a printed circuit board and you want to break down complex designs into smaller bits, add color notes into it.

9. A reference designator, like a pin should always be used. Always use a solder mask when adding a designator.

10. All designators would need a silkscreen indicator that shows all the dimensions of the printed circuit boards.

These are some of the guidelines that you need to follow should you plan to create your own printed circuit board. It’s quite complicated, but not really difficult to follow.

So how do you actually make printed circuit boards?

Designing one is a long process. It will require a lot of time, energy, effort, focus, and money. If the designer knows CAD ( Computer Aided Design), it will be a lot easier for him to design printed circuit boards.

PCBThe first step would be to determine what kind of electronic device you will be working with. If it’s a simple device then you will need a single- layer PCB. On the other hand, if you’re working with complicated device such as a computer, you will need a multi-layer PCB. More materials will be used for this particular design.

As soon as you have already figured it out, check online if there are designs that you can follow for the PCB. Most manufacturers can offer theirs for free so long as you don’t do any modification on them. Otherwise, you would have to create your own design.

Next step is to decide whether you will be using the newest technology which is the Surface Mount, or you would go for the older technology which is the Through Hole Technology.

To make a PCB, you need to gather all your raw materials first. Before you assemble all the materials, you need to make sure the place is clean. Otherwise, the PCB will be contaminated.

A glass fiber is the most common substrate used in PCBs. You can also use the cheaper ones for most household devices. If you’re not really selling the device and it’s not too complicated, go with the more affordable substrate.

As soon as you’ve decided on the substrate, the epoxy resin which acts like an adhesive is mixed with the copper oil. To keep panels from moving, they are staked together and holes are drilled out. Once done, they then etch the circuit pattern to the panel. The plating is done with tin- lead, nickel then with gold. The last step would be the quality control. We’ll tell you something important though – this process takes time as the PCB still need to undergo various quality control tests before it is tested for functionality.

Which Golf Putters are the Best Ones to Buy?

Golf putters are the most used clubs in your bag since putting is such as an important part of the game. Thus, it should not be surprising that there are many types of putters on the market since every golfer has his or her own putting style. Still, despite the different varieties, these putters are basically distinguished by two features – the club head and the length.

golfClub heads. There are three types of club heads that you can find on golf putters – the traditional blade that you can find on most clubs, a mallet or a heel-toe. The blade is the best choice for experienced golfers with a low handicap, since they provide good feedback. However, since they don’t provide a lot of forgiveness, the majority of golfers might want to choose another club head.

On the other hand, mallets and heel-toes provide a lot of forgiveness, making them ideal for golfers who are still learning the game as well as those with high handicaps. Heel-toes have the same basic design as blades but have features that help increase their “moment of inertia”. Mallets have big club heads that also maximize the putter’s MOI. Clubs with high MOIs minimize the effects of miss-hits on the flight of a ball when it is hit.

Lengths. Golf putters come in two lengths – standard and long. Standard or conventional lengths are thirty-two to thirty-six inches in length and are the recommended length that beginning golfers should start with. Long putters, on the other hand, range from 45 inches to fifty inches in length and come in two varieties – broomstick and belly putters.

Broomstick putters range from forty-six inches to fifty inches while belly putters range from forty to forty-five inches. The major difference between the two, apart from the length, is where the club is anchored. The broomstick is anchored at your chest and the belly is at your midsection.

What length should you use? In general, the conventional length is recommended for putters since it is the easiest to use with the ideal putting posture. This posture is achieved by simply taking your stance and then leaning forward so that your line of sight is over the line of the putt that you want to make. Relax your arms and let them dangle loosely, and then put your palms together. But successfully putting using this posture can be challenging if you have poor nerves since if your wrist moves too much, your putt will be off-target.

On the other hand, using longer putters allows you to anchor the club against your chest or abdomen, providing stability and making a successful putt more likely. On the other hand, since belly putters have a thicker grip, the feel is reduced. The longer shaft also makes control of the distance you hit the ball more difficult. And these problems are magnified with the broomstick putter. However, wrist action plays even less of a role in putting with the broomstick, making it the last resort for those who are bad at putting.

golf clubA final feature to consider is an offset shaft. This type of shaft makes it easier for the golfer to line up their shot and keeps your hands ahead of the ball when you make the putt. This makes it a good choice for causal golfers, and even many pros. But not everybody benefits from it and many can putt just fine without this feature.

Ultimately, the secret to buying golf putters is to choose the ones that you feel most comfortable with. This simply boils down to how the club feels when it is in your hands. Don’t think that a more expensive putter is better than cheaper ones; as long as the putter helps you build your game and gives you confidence, then it is the one you should buy and use.

Become an Effective Motivational Speaker Today

Motivational speakers are often hired or invited to share their unique life stories or their exceptional philosophies. Think about Nick Vujicic. He was born without arms and legs but lives life with such passion and joy that it is so hard not to be inspired by him. Now you don’t have to be born with a disability in order to become a motivational speaker. If you have the desire to inspire people to success then you can be one. Arnold Schwarzenegger is someone who give motivational speeches on determination, self-discipline and ignoring naysayers in order to pursue and achieve your goals.

Keynote-speakerMotivational speakers can cover many different areas of life and speak to various audiences. They can be dedicated to speaking to professionals, college students, teenagers or even children. They may also specialize in motivating people to build their self-esteem, overcome addictions, improve their communication skills and boost productivity.

If you want to be a motivational speaker, you need to understand that speaking skills may not be enough. You will be speaking to different people, in different locations. You have to be able to make powerful, engaging presentations that you will tailor to your audience’s needs. If you desire to make a living out of motivational speaking, you should also acquire business and marketing skills.

While you don’t necessarily need to undergo a specific course or training to have a career as a motivational speaker, you need to develop your communication skills and your talent in engaging an audience. You need to learn about yourself – what is it about you and your life that you can share to people? Do you have an expertise or an experience that will inspire them? What are you most passionate about? It is important to choose a particular topic you wish to speak on. Do you want to talk about being happy, how to have better relationships, or learning key steps to success? Build on these topics by doing competent research and talking with other experts on the particular field you are interested in so you will have more knowledge. Do not limit yourself with any topic – you can talk about anything under the sun that will inspire and motivate people to a better life. Just keep in mind that it is something you care about, otherwise you will sound flat and insensible.

A motivational speaker must learn how to write a persuasive speech that will draw people in and bring them to an expected response. He must be able to prepare a presentation using original ideas. In order to improve in this area, an aspiring motivational speaker can enroll in creative writing workshops. Even if you think you have the skill, there is always room for growth. Be humble enough to learn from others.

Motivational speakers know that writing an exciting and captivating speech is just part of the task. He must be able to make powerful presentations and deliver it with authority. To improve your speaking skills, you may take public speaking classes to learn how to use your voice, make appropriate gestures, learn the art of body language, and improve your physical appearance. You need to be able to project yourself well so that you will engage your audience well.

The job of motivational speakers does not require specific training programs, licensure requirements or any certification. However, it may take a person a good amount of time to develop himself in many areas: personality, writing skills, speaking skills, and charisma.

Announcement Communication Speech to People CrowdThere are many job prospects for motivational speakers. They are usually asked to deliver speeches at seminars, conventions, conferences, business meetings, and even in schools. You will find actors, business executives, authors, politicians, and athletes giving motivational speeches. There are many opportunities available for motivational speakers.

While they are fairly new, they may offer their services for free. As they build their portfolio and their reputations are established, they will be able to earn thousands of dollars for every appearance. Motivational speakers can promote themselves through social media but the traditional word-of-mouth referrals usually work best.

Motivational speakers can promote themselves through social media but the traditional word-of-mouth referrals usually work best.To know how to becaome a good speaker must visit

Real Estate Investing: Easy Ways to Get Started

In starting out in real estate investing, beginners would be wise to look into a couple of different options that will be covered below. One of the best ways to go is to buy properties that you can rent to tenants. This perhaps has the lowest learning curve and relatively low risk as well; as long as you can rent a property for a positive cash flow. And the other method of investing, which will also be discussed is called wholesaling.

Buying Rentals

Buying RentalsFirst, let us talk about buying rentals. For those wanting to purchase rentals, when you are looking for properties to purchase, it is a good idea to look into an area where property prices are low. Some areas of the United States are lower in price than others. In fact, you might want to look for properties in places like Kansas City or Memphis.

These cities overall have lower house pricing compared to other parts of the country. You may not want to deal with things like handling tenants or fixing toilets. If this fits your description, then finding a property manager may be for you.

You can find many of these types of companies that charge just a small fee for managing your property and your tenants. Some of these companies will even charge a flat fee and other companies will charge a percentage of the rent that you are charging. This is actually a great way to go because you won’t have a whole lot of upfront out of pocket costs.

Another benefit of going with the services of a property management company is that they contract with plumbers, electricians, air conditioner repairers, and roofers for much cheaper rates than what you can find if you were to find these types of contractors on your own.


wholesalingNow, let us get into the topic of wholesaling. Wholesaling is basically playing broker. You find good properties and arrange to get it under contract and into the hands of a buyer.

This can be an extremely lucrative way to invest for beginners because there is minimal risk. Also, you do not have to purchase the property yourself. And typically, payment is extremely fast for you.

In fact, you can earn about $10,000 per deal that you put together. The fee that is paid to you is called an assignment fee, which is tacked on to the price of the property.

So again, if you are starting out, it is highly recommended that you look into these two options first. The reason being is that they are relatively simple, and they also have extremely great returns.

Now here’s a hot tip: There’s no need to stick to the conventional route. In other words, try doing things in a way where money or credit isn’t necessary.

So how do you invest in real estate with no money or credit? First, consider the chance of having the seller provide financing for your deal, instead of getting the usual loan or borrowing from those close to you.

Look to the seller first. It is the first place that you should look and it is the best place. This is commonly known as seller financing or seller carry-back. Understand this, there’s are many ways to creatively finance a deal using the seller’s money. But before you craft your numerical masterpiece, you’ve got to first know what the seller needs and when they need it.

You will also need to know how much money the owe on the property, and if the payments are current. After you are firm on those items, now you can get to work massaging terms to see how THEY can help YOU help THEM.

There scenarios that you are likely to encounter:

Free and clear – What this means is the seller owns the property; no mortgages or any other pending payments or issues with the property. If they own it free and clear, and they’re willing to consider seller financing, then that is an easy deal.

You might be wondering, why would these sellers want their money in deferred payments instead of a lump sum? Well who knows? The thing to remember is do not get in your own way in making the deal. Stop worrying about the sellers reasons and concentrate on making the deal happen.

Existing loan – The property that you will come across will not always be owned free and clear. If it currently has a loan in place, your first choice should be just to leave it there and carry out a “subject to” deal. “Subject to” means you acquire ownership subject to the existing loan.

At the end of the transaction, you will be on title. However, the loan will still remain in the seller’s name. Essentially, you have become their loan-sitter. You make the full payment in time, and you can either flip the property and keep the profit, or rent it out and hold on to it for you own cash flow.

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Challenge Coins = Bragging Rights

For most “civilians” the practice of handing out a challenge coin may mean nothing more than handing out a circular piece of adorned metal. Handing a challenge coin out may seem like a fleeting moment to most. The ritual, which is usually done in the presence of others, can be as quick as a simple handshake.

But what exactly lies behind the ritual of challenge coin giving? Better yet, what exactly is a challenge coin? With diameters ranging from about 1.5 to 2 inches and a thickness of 0.1 inches, these bad boys are coins which bear an organization’s emblem. They are usually given to organization members to establish camaraderie and boost morale.

custom challenge coins

They have also long been used in the military; a silent exchange between a commanding officer and a soldier, or maybe even a president, that signifies a great amount of pride and bragging rights. It’s a hero thing—it’s something that has remained unknown to most “civilians” for the longest time, but luckily times have changed.

Nowadays, these coins aren’t exclusive to the military anymore. These coins now come in outrageously varying designs and sizes, and may even be customizable. Who says coins have to be round? Challenge coins now come in various shapes such as dog tags, pentagons, shields and arrow heads.

Almost anyone can get a challenge coin nowadays; they can even be bought online and can be customized to fit your wants and needs. Have a design and want to see it in real life? Have us make your coin for you and watch as we transform a piece of metal into a beautifully handcrafted symbol of camaraderie to remember through the years.

We don’t just make coins in different shapes and sizes; we make them in different materials too. You now can choose from an assortment of metals ranging from pewter, nickel and copper to silver and even gold. You can even choose your own finishes; if you want your coin to look special or maybe even sparkly, you can opt for a gold or silver finish. Experience glamour with our diamond cut edged coins; nothing beats having a coin that makes you feel like a proud owner.

Be creative and get crazy with your own design or have us design your challenge coin for you. We offer simple designs like the lettering and engraving of your organization’s motto, to elaborate cut outs and multi-dimensional patterns. We also offer high-quality products and handcraft them to the best of our abilities to ensure you with a challenge coin that’s totally worth it.

We make sure to make your design the exact way you want it; and because we love you, we’ll provide you with the best customer service possible. Time is gold, and we certainly won’t waste yours. We try our best to make quality products at the least amount of time. We know waiting isn’t easy, and we definitely won’t let you wait in vain. When we set a deadline, we commit; otherwise, we’re dead.

We make coins for all sorts of purposes—whether you’re from the military, the police or fire department or maybe even the corporate world, we love them so much that we never discriminate between coins. We’ll always be willing to provide you with the most unique designs; designs that only you’ll have and designs that will make everyone wonder where you got your coin from.

And the best thing about having us make your coins for you? We don’t just make the best coins; we offer them at the most reasonable prices too. Now you don’t have to worry about your coins being scratched or damaged, we’ll take care of that for you. We offer coin cases in different types like velvet pouches and boxes and PVC coin capsules and pouches. So whenever you’re looking for the perfect partner for your coin needs, we’ll always be more than willing to give you the best experience possible.

Long Island Foreclosure Defense Lawyers’ Alternatives for Clients

Foreclosures are common nowadays with the rising number of people failing to pay their mortgages. These situations, however, can be dealt with accordingly with the best Long Island foreclosure defense lawyers taking the case. The legal experts will devise a strategic defense to keep clients from losing their homes. In some cases, a client’s best option is to try other alternatives in case the lender, which is the plaintiff in this case, has a strong case to foreclose a property. Common alternatives include the following:

Short Sales 

Short sale is defined as the procedure of selling a property with lower value than the actual mortgage loan and one of the commonly used solutions in facing foreclosure suits. According to Long Island foreclosure defense attorneys, a short sale is better than suffering the consequences brought by foreclosure. When the property is on the market and sold, the lender will forgive the difference in the loaned amount, which means the client will be free from the foreclosure case. For short sale, the client must look for a reliable real estate agent who can put the property on sale.

Aside from finding the best real estate agent, a lawyer will verify if the client is eligible for short sales. Common qualifiers are increased mortgage payments, divorce, heavy debts, and unemployment.

Repayment Plans 

Long Island Foreclosure Defense LawyersRepayment plans are also common as they help clients negotiate with the lender to pay the mortgage within a specific period of time. In this option, the client will pay current mortgages together with a portion of their back payments. Hence, instead of paying the back payments in full, they can include a percentage of monthly payments they failed to pay with their regular monthly mortgage. This alternative’s primary benefit is that payments are considerably lighter and easier to manage, keeping clients from being overwhelmed with their financial issues. A Long Island foreclosure defense lawyer can recommend this option if he finds the client to be qualified according to the state regulations and lender’s policies.

Loan Modification 

Loan modification is the option where the client can reduce loan amount and monthly payment. Many experts recommend this option because of the number of mortgage elements that can be reduced, ultimately leading to budget-friendly mortgages and payments. A mortgage is composed of numerous factors like the actual loan amount, remaining balance, loan terms, and interest. Clients can look for opportunities to reduce any of these elements and obtain a cheaper monthly payment and mortgage.

Although a promising solution, going for mortgage modification requires full documentation and qualification according to the lender’s standards. A Long Island foreclosure defense attorney can help the client with documentation to ensure the client will not miss any vital detail.

Deed in Lieu 

Deed in lieu is the process of handling the property to the lender. Most people mistake this as the actual foreclosure process, but the truth is it’s an immediate solution to prevent foreclosure from getting into the client’s records.

This alternative is often the best option for those who can’t settle the foreclosure defense and ineligible for short sale. Despite the client needs to hand the property, he can still live in it for some time as the procedure is being completed. After granting the motion, the client needs to follow specific procedures as indicated on the regulation. Although this procedure is basically the same, several specifications vary depending on the lender’s policies.

Without a doubt, a Long Island foreclosure defense lawyer can offer numerous alternatives to clients facing this case. However, they make sure that they recommend these alternatives as the client’s last resort. Lawyers make sure to give solid defense first according to the presented documents and help in saving the client from foreclosures.